Nuclear power is an essential source of low-carbon energy, which makes it an area of important expertise for Tractebel. Our role for over 60 years has been to provide trusted engineering and advisory services based on state-of-the-art expertise and experience.

With over 1 000 nuclear experts and projects developed in over 20 countries, we work across the full life-cycle of nuclear installations, from plant design to radwaste and decommissioning. We have built up a very substantial track record in the nuclear sector, supporting operators in their challenges of operating their plants safely and profitably, accompanying nuclear players in their projects in radwaste and decommissioning, as well as investors, future operators or constructors in the development and construction of nuclear power plants, small modular reactors and research reactors.

For several years, we have been frontrunners in the deployment of SMRs providing engineering and consultancy services from research development and licensing to design and construction. SMRs are becoming a reality and thanks to our extensive nuclear know-how, we can support nuclear and industrial players to successfully deliver their SMR projects.

From our Nuclear Innovation Lab, we develop cutting-edge and tailored solutions for applications using nuclear technology that extend to the industrial sector, including nuclear medicine and aerospace.


Tractebel can act as Architect Engineer, Owner's Engineer, Owner's Representative or Consulting Engineer depending on the needs of its clients.

Tractebel has been the Architect-Engineer for all 7 Belgian nuclear units. Since the start of the first unit nuclear teams have been responsible for the permanent engineering support and on-going improvements of those units, with services ranging from design optimizations, fuel strategies, engineering and managing uprating projects, ageing management studies, long-term operation, etc.

In charge for more than 40 years of various civil engineering studies for nuclear structures worldwide, Tractebel has developed an internationally recognized expertise in civil engineering design for a wide range of nuclear projects with a particular know-how in reactor building design of nuclear power plants.

Based on its recognized experience and high-level expertise developed in the nuclear energy sector, Tractebel also diversifies its activities in all applications of the nuclear technology. E.g. in medical applications, Tractebel offers high-level engineering and consulting services to all actors of the nuclear medical sector, from radioisotope producers to end-users, as well as to equipment suppliers or architectural firms.