On 30 November 2023, Tractebel and ALTRAD ENDEL, signed a cooperation agreement for a ten-year period to help the French nuclear operator, EDF, carry out its long-term operation programme and accompany export development on behalf of various operators. The agreement renews and reinforces the existing solid partnership between the two companies.

Tractebel and ALTRAD ENDEL have jointly contributed for the past seven years to upgrading the French nuclear fleet that provides over 70% of France’s low-carbon electricity. As part of the long-term operation programme of the French nuclear fleet (“grand carénage”), Tractebel and ALTRAD ENDEL are already supporting EDF to replace components of the primary loop sensitive to thermal ageing. Tractebel and ALTRAD ENDEL have decided to extend their cooperation to better assist EDF with the major challenges of the fleet’s lifetime extension. The partners intend also to use the experience acquired in France to provide services abroad in the fields of civil engineering, mechanics, project management and construction for nuclear and energy projects.

Thanks to the complementarity between the competencies and experience of Tractebel and ALTRAD ENDEL, this dynamic has led to an effective synergy. Tractebel has over 60 years of nuclear engineering experience in Europe and worldwide throughout the entire life cycle of nuclear installations, from design to decommissioning, as well as in industrial and medical applications. ALTRAD ENDEL has recognized experience in industrial maintenance and related services and offers integrated solutions across the entire energy and industrial services chain, as well as the management of complex industrial projects such as the construction, transfer or dismantling of large infrastructure facilities. Jointly, they offer top-notch services in the field of large maintenance operations for energy and nuclear projects in France and globally.

“ALTRAD ENDEL and Tractebel’s cooperation has proved fruitful in advancing the long-term operation programme of EDF in France. We are now glad to strengthen our collaboration to help ensure the safety and continuity of the French nuclear fleet for the coming years and provide invaluable engineering and consultancy services to nuclear and energy stakeholders worldwide. The projects we will carry out jointly will benefit from the complementary and outstanding skills of our experts in different fields.” says Yannick APARICIO, Head of Business Stream Existing Asset France, Tractebel.

“The agreement naturally falls within the continuity of a strong and successful partnership, which is based on the complementarity of our “metiers”, our expertise, and the recognized technical skills of our respective employees. The synergies we implement meet the challenges of our clients and will therefore continue to strengthen over time throughout the challenges we will jointly take up.” states Maxence MARCELOT, Deputy Director, ALTRAD ENDEL.