Jointly with its partner, MODULO architects, Tractebel will combine its infrastructure and nuclear expertise to support the design and construction of PanTera’s actinium-225 production facility in Belgium, enabling breakthrough cancer treatments.

Pantera SA/NV, a joint venture between IBA, the world leader in particle accelerator technology, and the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre SCK CEN, aims to secure the large-scale production of actinium-225 (225Ac), one of the most promising alpha-emitting radioisotopes to improve the accessibility of innovative cancer therapies. 225Ac-based radiopharmaceuticals have the potential to treat cancers more effectively by eliminating cancer cells, rather than just inhibiting tumour growth. Extensive research is currently underway on treating the most prevalent cancers and rarer and often deadly forms of the disease.

First-of-a-kind PanTera facility construction in Mol, Belgium

The PanTera facility will be built in Mol, Belgium and is dedicated to the production of 225Ac via photonuclear activation on radium-226 (226Ra), powered by the high-energy IBA Rhodotron®. The building integrates several bunkers to host the IBA Rhodotron® accelerator and irradiation stations, as well as various clean rooms for the separation, purification and dispensing of the radioisotope under Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) conditions. PanTera, Tractebel and MODULO are now completing the last engineering phases before launching the construction in 2025.

Multidisciplinary collaboration to advance nuclear medicine

Tractebel’s engineers are designing jointly with MODULO architects the new facility and providing engineering services in the fields of structural engineering, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), electricity, fire protection, instrumentation & control (I&C), mechanical, and more. Tractebel and MODULO will also support PanTera during the facility’s construction. Throughout all these phases, Tractebel will leverage its radioprotection and nuclear expertise to integrate specific production equipment such as the particle accelerator, the target stations and the hot cells.

We are honoured to be part of this project, which not only reflects our innovative spirit but also holds the promise of enhancing the quality of life for cancer patients. It shows Belgium’s unique expertise in the field of nuclear medicine. Thanks to our infrastructure, nuclear and radioprotection competences, we are committed to remaining at the forefront of innovation in the medical sector to save lives thanks to nuclear,” says Denis Dumont, CEO of Tractebel, Belgium.

Our collaboration with Tractebel and MODULO brings unmatched expertise, as we can leverage their unique multi-disciplinary teams. We have now secured partnerships with leading engineering companies to support all our process and infrastructure development. As a result, we are poised to ensure the extensive availability of Ac-225, enabling promising therapies to be made available to cancer patients“, adds Sven Van den Berghe, PanTera’s Chief Executive Officer.

About PanTera

PanTera, an IBA and SCK CEN joint-venture, aims to secure the large-scale production of actinium-225 (225Ac), one of the most promising alpha-emitting radioisotopes to fight cancers. By working towards this large-scale production, PanTera’s ultimate goal is to improve the accessibility of future innovative cancer therapy based on 225Ac and theranostics in general. More information can be found at:

About Tractebel

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