Tractebel announced today the opening of a new office in the Greater Toronto Area in Ontario, Canada. This local presence will enable Tractebel to provide cutting-edge nuclear engineering services to complement local and national stakeholders’ expertise.
By forging partnerships with Canadian nuclear actors, Tractebel will contribute to the success of the Small Modular Reactor (SMR) action plan, which is key to reducing CO2 emissions and achieving carbon neutrality in Canada by 2050.

Tractebel is the European front-runner in the deployment of SMRs and has pioneered new applications, especially for heavy industries. For over four years, a significant share of its resources has been dedicated to SMR innovation to contribute to the success of this disruptive technology, in which Tractebel has developed recognized expertise. Its proven track record in several recent nuclear new build projects in Europe and worldwide, combined with its unique 50-year experience as the principal engineer and Responsible Designer of the Belgian nuclear fleet, makes Tractebel an ideal complementary partner for local and national nuclear and industrial stakeholders wishing to invest in SMRs in Canada.

Tractebel’s nuclear engineering competencies cover the full life cycle of a facility from design, licensing and construction to radwaste management and decommissioning. Its engineers’ skills range from neutronic and thermohydraulic calculation and safety studies to plant integration and design of nuclear buildings and systems. Tractebel also capitalizes on strong expertise across the entire energy landscape, including renewable energy, storage, hydrogen conversion and applications and thermal assets, enabling its engineers to find innovative solutions in integrated energy systems.

Tractebel has ongoing projects with private industrial actors in Europe involving the use of SMR-based steam and hydrogen production to reduce manufacturing processes’ CO2 emissions. This experience can help Canada’s heavy industry benefit from SMRs’ industrial applications to decrease their carbon footprint.

“I’m thrilled to welcome Tractebel to Ontario, a provincial energy industry renowned for its talented workforce and strong nuclear supply chain. We know the world is watching us when it comes to SMRs. This investment by Tractebel demonstrates that our clean energy advantage and reputation as a global hub for SMR expertise make Ontario an attractive place to do business and create jobs.”

Todd Smith, Ontario Minister of Energy

“Established and internationally proven companies like Tractebel will further position Ontario as a global leader in clean technology innovation. Ontario is leading the way in SMR development and deployment to create a clean and reliable energy future for the province. Canada's first on-grid and off-grid SMRs are planned to be built in Ontario, which is good for the environment, job creation and our economy.”

Vic Fedeli, Ontario Minister of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade

“We are delighted and honoured to be able to open a permanent office in the Greater Toronto Area, which will give Tractebel the opportunity to provide tailored support for the construction of SMRs, a source of clean, safe and affordable energy that will contribute to shaping Canada’s low-carbon future. We would like to thank the local and national public authorities for their support, especially the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service, Invest Durham and Toronto Global, a team of experienced business advisors assisting global businesses in expanding into the Toronto region. Our company intends to build bridges between the Canadian and European markets to help deliver SMR projects successfully, regardless of geographical location. We can leverage our European experience to support SMRs’ deployment in Canada and export this first-of-kind expertise jointly with our Canadian partners to Europe. SMRs are gaining momentum, so let’s make it happen now.”
Denis Dumont, Chief Officer, Nuclear, Tractebel