Emmanuel Macron’s recent visit to China was an opportunity for the President of the Republic to announce, together with his counterpart Xi Jinping, the final phase construction of the world’s first EPR plant. REEL actively contributed to this large-scale operation that involved charging the fuel into the reactor. The loading of the first unit was completed by the end of April 2018.

The first EPR to officially enter into operation is in Taishan, in southeastern China. REEL is the supplier of the Fuel Handling System within the power plant. This system includes the refueling machine, the fuel transfer device between the reactor building and the fuel building, the spent fuel mast bridge used for fuel management and also the auxiliary crane.

Present on site since 2012, REEL contributed with its expertise during the various phases of the project. After providing a part of the technical supervision during the assembly, testing and commissioning of its equipment, REEL was involved in the last stage of construction of this third generation nuclear reactor: the loading of the fuel.

Launched in early April, the fuel loading operation was a technical challenge that REEL is proud to have contributed to.

The handling equipment installed in the Taishan EPR are fully automatized and even though there were
higher safety requirements, the operational performance is enhanced. REEL engineers were present on site to assist the CGN team and all objectives have been met. The same operation will be renewed next year for the second unit of the site.

The ultimate goal is ambitious: 241 fuel assemblies in less than 40 hours, 15% more than for second-generation reactors.

Also associated with the EPR constructions from Olkiluoto and Flamanville, REEL will shortly take part in the British Hinkley Point project. The industrial group will provide both reactor units with the identical scope of work to that of Taishan and thanks to itsexperience, REEL will adapt its equipment to an even higher level of safety.

"The loading of the Taishan EPR fuel was a major challenge for REEL. Our equipment proved to be extremely reliable during this operation and perfectly fulfilled their function as a REEL technological showcase. We are proud to have contributed to the launch of this European and French industry major project."

-Philippe Frantz, President of REEL.

REEL is an industrial group specializing in complex handling and lifting systems and in integrated systems solutions. REEL, with more than 2000 employees, is established on four continents and has experienced an average annual growth of 10% over the last twelve years.

Turnover : 400 m€
Staff : 2100 employees
Presence : on 4 continents

Sandrine Weisse
corporate communication