REEL develops, builds, installs and maintains complex handling systems. Our equipment is designed and produced to meet the most extreme operational safety requirements, whilst guaranteeing high levels of operational performance.

REEL for all key stages of the fuel cycle

A critical player in the nuclear industry and leader in its field, REEL retains its position through its technical expertise in complex handling systems across all stages of the nuclear fuel cycle :

  • At the front end (enrichment and manufacturing of fuel),
  • In nuclear power plants,
  • At the back end (reprocessing and storage of used fuels and waste and dismantling of installations).

Main customers

REEL is a supplier of lifting, handling and storage equipment, along with associated services, for :

  • Nuclear power plants (EDF, CGN, …)
  • Front and back end fuel cycle installations (ORANO, CEA, ANDRA, SELLAFIELD, …)
  • Research laboratories (LMJ, ITER, Marcoule, Cadarache, Saclay, etc.).

Maintenance and services

REEL offers maintenance and services to many nuclear sites, both in France and abroad. The company has a unique level of experience in the fields of commissioning and maintenance of critical handling systems in accordance with all recognised codes & standards in nuclear power plants, processing & storage plants, and waste storage facilities.

Around the REEL world

With more than 30 sites in the vicinity of its clients’ production sites across the world, REEL has combined international development with proximity. REEL has several manufacturing sites in France and around the world which produce the installations on behalf of the group, working in the heart of its customers’ processes.

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