This page is intended to be used as a resource for information on the Chernobyl accident. The links below will take you to articles on Chernobyl that have been published in NEI.

A brief description of the Related Articles follows.

Hearts and Minds by Paul Lorenzini examines the misinformation in the award winning documentary Chernobyl Heart.

Chernobyl, 26 April 1986 describes the accident sequence and the underlying causes of the accident. This article is adapted from David Mosey's book Reactor Accidents (2nd edition) published by Nuclear Engineering International.

How it was: an operator's perspective where Anatoly Dyatlov, the former deputy engineer for operations at Chernobyl, and the senior officer on the night of the accident, gives his side of the story. He thinks the reactor operators have been unfairly singled out for blame (having himself served four years in prison) and believes the accident was attributable entirely to design faults. [Article published in NEI November 1991]

Consequences for health discusses the findings of the International Atomic Energy Agency and World Health Organization report on the health effects of the accident

Consequences for agriculture is based on the corresponding IAEA/WHO report on the environmental consequences and their remediation

Why INSAG has still got it wrong gives the response of Anatoly Diatlov (former deputy engineer for operations at Chernobyl) to the IAEA's revised report on the causes of the accident.

In View over the Baltic, Frigyes Reisch remembers how Sweden was the first country outside the Soviet Union to get wind of the accident at Chernobyl.