Exelon has renewed its contract with Framatome ANP for the supply of nuclear fuel and related services to both 1000MW BWR units at the LaSalle station in Seneca, Illinois. Fuel deliveries to LaSalle 1 and 2 include six firm reloads with an option for six additional reloads and are scheduled to begin this October.

Framatome ANP Richland (formerly Siemens Power Corporation) has supplied fuel to the station since 1996. The total value of firm and optional reloads under the contract is potentially in excess of $150 million. The fuel will be produced at Framatome ANP’s engineering and manufacturing facility in Richland, Washington.

Exelon will receive the ATRIUM 10 fuel assembly design, Framatome’s latest fuel for BWRs. ATRIUM 10 uses a 10×10 rod lattice with nine of the interior rods replaced by a water channel. Framatome says this results in enhanced and more uniform neutron moderation.

Recently ATRIUM 10 set a world record for BWR fuel burnup. Four assemblies achieved an average burnup of 71 MWd/kg U for each assembly after eight cycles. The fuel assemblies were loaded into a European plant as lead assemblies in 1992 and were recently replaced during the 2001 refueling outage.

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