The Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC) asked UAE’s nuclear regulator to approve additional preparatory construction work at the proposed site for the country’s first nuclear power plants in Braka.

ENEC asked UAE’s Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation (FANR) to approve the creation of a smooth flat surface at the bottom of the excavation in preparation for the pouring of the initial safety concrete for units 1 & 2. It also requested permission to place reinforcing steel and embedded piping as well as electrical conduits and electrical grounding material in preparation for pouring concrete for the reactor building.

ENEC is not authorized to pour concrete for the official power block until it receives a construction license from FANR. ENEC submitted a 9000-page construction license application for Braka units 1 and 2 to FANR in December 2010 and the application is currently under review.

In a statement ENEC said that first concrete for unit 1 is scheduled for late 2012. It plans to apply for an operating license for unit 1 and 2 in early 2015 and unit 1 is expected to enter commercial operation in 2017.