The Nuclear Heat Utilisation Council has been set up by 13 South Korean organisations to create a new nuclear process heat business.

Participants are industries, research institutes, and a local government. They include Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI), Gyeongsangbuk-do, Hyundai Engineering, SK Eco Plant, POSCO Holdings, POSCO ENC, GS E&C, Lotte Chemical, Lotte E&C, DL ENC, DL Chemical, and Aprotium.

Their aim is to jointly strengthen their capabilities for developing and commercialising technologies that can product and use nuclear process heat. Activities will include:

  • Information exchange and searching for business export opportunities related to nuclear heat production and use;
  • Joint development of technology for nuclear heat production and use;
  • Establishment of a demonstration project for nuclear process heat production and use;
  • Promotion of a nuclear process heat production system, commercialisation, technology development and licensing plans.

Lee Tae-ho, Director of KAERI’s Advanced Reactor Research Institute, said: "Nuclear power has contributed to economic growth and energy security through economical and stable power production. We will further strengthen the competitiveness of the industry.”