On 20 February, a contract was signed for the foundation of an Areva Nuclear Professional School at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in Germany. Its aim is to provide advanced training for young engineers and scientists to make them experts in all fields of nuclear engineering.

The new school, which will cost Areva a six-figure sum to set up, will combine themed courses on nuclear sciences and engineering at the KIT with industrial experience gained at Areva NP. Students will be able to sign up to a two or three-year research and development programmes in areas such as reactor physics, thermohydraulics or materials technology, with the opportunity to go on and study for a doctorate. Both Areva employees and external postgraduates will be able to attend the school, which also aims to promote international exchange between young researchers.

According to managing director of Areva NP GmbH, Ulrich Gräber, the foundation of the school in Germany is an “important strategic step.” It will “help us to maintain outstanding nuclear engineering skills in Germany and to promote high-quality training,” he said. Germany has a high demand for skilled nuclear staff – this year Areva alone expects to take on over 800 staff in Germany.

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