Cutting Technologies (CTI) has received a selective demolition contract from Bechtel. It forms part of a larger project to uprate the Point Beach nuclear power plant in Two Rivers, Wisconsin.

According to CTI the demolition project is scheduled to begin in August 2009 and will run for five weeks. CTI will cut away sections of two CMU walls from their remaining structures, enabling other contractors to remove those sections in pieces. Once the pieces are cleared, Bechtel workers will then be able to remove two boric acid evaporators and make various upgrades to the facility.

CTI technicians will begin the project by mobilizing their tools and equipment into a radiological control area in the plant’s turbine building, the firm said in a statement. They will then set up and operate core drilling rigs to create rigging holes and pilot holes for diamond cutting wire. Once the diamond wire is fed through the holes, diamond wire saws will complete each cut by circulating the wire and gradually drawing it through the wall until the blocks have been separated from the remaining structure.

Both sections of wall to be removed are approximately 13 feet long, 16 feet high and 22.5 inches thick. They will be cut into pieces measuring approximately 2 feet by 2 feet to enable their rigging and removal from the jobsite.

Point Beach is owned and operated by NextEra Energy Resources, a FPL Group subsidiary. FPL Group purchased the two-unit, 1033MW Point Beach Nuclear Power Plant from Wisconsin Electric Power Co in 2007. The purchase price of the PWR plant was approximately $998 million, including nuclear fuel, inventory and other items.

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