Nuclear energy supply will increase at 5.1% per year through 2030 in Asia, the fastest annual growth rate of any energy type in the Asian Development Bank’s study, Energy Outlook for Asia and the Pacific, which has just been released.

The increase of nuclear energy from 147.8 MTOE in 2005 to 508.8 MTOE in 2030, is dominated by the expansion of nuclear power in China. In comparison to nuclear, coal is expected to grow at 2.1%, oil 2.2%, natural gas 3.6%, renewables at 1.3% and hydro at 3.0%.

According to the study, energy demand in Asia and the Pacific will increase by 80% between 2005-2030 at an annual growth rate of 2.4%, compared with an average world increase of 1.5%. Electricity demand is expected to increase by 3.4% annually.

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