The French Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) has selected Alstom to supply half of the magnetic coils for the JT60SA tokamak, currently under construction in Naka, Japan. The research that will be performed in this facility represents a major contribution to ITER.

Alstom will supply nine of the eighteen magnetic coils that make up the JT60SA tokamak. The coils, each weighing more than 15 tons, are a critical component of the experimental process. They will produce the strong magnetic fields needed to confine the plasma and keep it away from the walls of the tokamak. The coils will be made at Alstom’s Belfort plant in France and are scheduled for delivery by the autumn of 2015.

JT60SA is one of the components of the ‘Broader Approach,’ a research program connected with ITER that was launched in November 2006 under the terms of a cooperation agreement between Japan and Europe. Fusion for Energy (F4E) is coordinating the European contribution to the Broader Approach while the Japan Atomic Energy Agency is coordinating the Japanese contribution.

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