Valcor's Nuclear Products Group provides high quality flow control components to the nuclear industry, including nuclear power plants, laboratories and waste treatment facilities. For decades, Valcor has earned a reputation of dependability with an expansive installed base of valves and related components in the US and international nuclear markets.

Our products are used in a wide variety of applications throughout the NSSS primary and secondary systems including but not limited to the following:

  • Containment Isolation
  • Residual Heat Removal System Sampling/Isolation
  • Primary and Post-Accident Sampling Systems
  • Rx & Pressurizer Head Vents
  • Air Condition Unit Drain and Isolation
  • Steam Generator Blow Down Isolation and Sampling
  • Safety Injection Isolation and Sampling
  • Control Room Habitability Isolation
  • Component Cooling Water Isolation
  • Chemical & Volume Control System
  • Nitrogen Supply and Isolation
  • Emergency Diesel Generator Air Start/Stop/Over-speed
  • Air Pilot Service for Code/Non Code AOVs and Actuators
  • Instrument Isolation and Vent

Valcor provides a wide range of flow control devices and can customize a solution to challenging flow control processes. Our products include:


Process Solenoid Valves

Valcor's IEEE 323, 344 & 382 qualified 2-way, 3-way and 4-way process solenoid valves are designed to ASME Sec III standards and handle a variety of process gas and liquids.

Air Pilot Solenoid Valves

Valcor's family of IEEE 323, 344 & 382 qualified air-pilot valves come in a range of flow capacities and are used to actuate control valves in nuclear power plants.

Instrument Isolation Valves

Valcor's large range of air operated and manually operated instrumentation isolation valves are designed to ASME Sec III standards and are used in safety related applications.

Pressure & Flow Regulators

Valcor's ASME Section III code regulators are rated up to 2500 LB Class for fluids and gases. These regulators are either single or multi stages to meet process demands.

Cavitating Venturis, Letdown Orifices, Eductors

Valcor's ASME Section III and passive flow control and diffuser/silencer meet the specific customer requirements for primary and secondary process systems within the NPP.

Plug Resistant Orifices (for the AP1000 Rx Design)

Valcor's ASME Section III plug resistant orifices meet the specific process conditions in the NPP. These are a passive alternative to steam traps in steam, condensate and drain lines.

ASME Code Rack Systems

Valcor designs SOV and instrument rack systems for emergency diesel generators and skid-mounted process packages requiring an extensive degree of installed instrumentation components.

Check & Excess Flow Check Valves

Valcor custom designs and manufactures ASME Section III check and excess flow check valves to specific customer requirements.

Nuclear Standards/Certifications

  • N & NPT Stamp and NS Certification
  • ASME Section NQA-1
  • IEEE 323/344/382
  • ASME QME-1
  • ISO-90001
  • ANSI N45.2
  • 10CFR50 Appendix B
  • MIL-Q-9858
  • MIL-I-45208
  • MIL-STD-45662
  • MIL-STD-767
  • HAF 604 Certification

A History of Excellence

For more than sixty-five years, Valcor has specialised in the design and manufacture of innovative fluid-control products for stringent nuclear, aerospace, scientific, and light industrial applications. Valcor is one of the largest and most recognized suppliers of solenoid valves in the industry. We have the knowledge, experience, and capability to create reliable nuclear hardware for your unique requirements. Over 15,000 Valcor solenoid valves are currently being used in more than 100 nuclear plants worldwide.