During a three-day survey, GNS was able to renew its certification according to ASME N3. This means that GNS is still one of only eleven companies worldwide to hold the "Certificate of Authorization N3" of the "American Society of Mechanical Engineers" (ASME).

From March 15-17, 2022, GNS was audited by a team of ASME auditors for compliance with the ASME III Division 3 Code using the NQA-1 QM-System to replace the certificate first issued in 2019 and still valid until May 2022 with another certificate with a new scope.

The ASME auditors have confirmed that even with the new scope, GNS's ASME System meets the necessary requirements and implements them effectively. The new scope confirms that GNS is allowed to develop and manufacture Transport and Storage Containments as well as Internal Support Structures.

The qualification of GNS according to ASME N3 is an important prerequisite to be prepared to offer products on international markets.