The German GNS Gesellschaft für Nuklear-Service mbH continues its expansion strategy with products and services related to the disposal and dismantling of nuclear power plants. After taking over Eisenwerk Bassum GmbH (EWB) in early 2020, GNS has now also acquired Maschinen-Meyer GmbH & Co. KG. The two companies have been successful for decades in many areas of metalworking and metal processing, with a particular focus on the production of packages for radioactive materials such as containers and drums. These types of packages are needed in significantly increasing numbers, especially against the background of the dismantling of the German nuclear power plants as well as due to rising demand by customers from abroad.

The previous activities of Maschinen-Meyer will be integrated into the EWB organisation, and the Maschinen-Meyer site will be retained in its entirety, together with all the approximately 80 employees.

In addition to the acquisition, GNS is planning considerable investments and a massive expansion of production capacities. For example, the capacity for steel-sheet containers required for the final disposal of radioactive waste in the German Konrad repository is to be tripled from the current 500 units per year by 2024.

GNS-CEO Daniel Oehr comments on the acquisition and the expansion of the GNS portfolio:

"We are happy to welcome our new colleagues from Maschinen-Meyer in our GNS Group. The acquisition and integration of Maschinen-Meyer is a major step forward to round off our portfolio as supplier of comprehensive packaging solutions for all kinds of radioactive waste – ranging from drums and steel-sheet containers for ILW/LLW to large DCI casks for spent fuel and HLW. The added capacities not only serve our German customers’ rising demand for packages for their wastes from D&D, but do also expand our range of products for international customers.”

With the takeover, the GNS Group now grows to more than 800 employees at nine locations in Germany.