GNS Gesellschaft für Nuklear-Service mbH and BKW Energie AG have concluded a contract for the supply of eight CASTOR® V/52 transport and storage casks. The casks to be delivered in 2021 are designated for the remaining fuel elements of the Mühleberg nuclear power plant in Switzerland, which is to be shut-down at the end of 2019. After the final fuel elements have been transferred to the central Swiss interim storage facility ZWILAG, the boiling water reactor plant, which was commissioned in 1972, will be fuel-free. This is a decisive prerequisite for efficient dismantling. With its casks, GNS ensures this important step in the decommissioning process of the Mühleberg nuclear power plant and supports the first decommissioning project in Switzerland in its optimised dismantling.The supply contract was preceded by a contract for the licensing of CASTOR® V/52 for Switzerland, which was concluded last year.