The LSS 300 laser scanner is designed to continuously scan a 180° detection zone up to a radius of 60m, using a beam that manufacturer Schmersal says is completely harmless.

While the area around robotic equipment will always be hazardous to operator safety, access to the various zones cannot always be categorised as simply allowed or disallowed.

Software enables the LSS 300 simultaneously to monitor one or two danger zones, each with its own configurable warning and protection areas, which can be defined by the user.

The machine stops moving immediately when a person or object enters a safety zone. But when an operator enters a warning zone, the LSS 300 issues a warning signal. If the operator does not react to the warning, the machine is automatically stopped.

The LSS 300 also has a relocatable module that will store the system configuration and duplicate configuration data to enable a replacement scanner to be configured without the use of a PC.