The Westinghouse UK fuel business at Springfields has recently manufactured its five millionth AGR oxide fuel pin. The five millionth pin was produced for the Heysham 1 plant. Westinghouse parent company BNFL has a lifetime contract with British Energy for the supply of AGR fuel.

• Meanwhile, Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) has extended its contract with Westinghouse to provide four additional regions of fuel for the Watts Bar plant. The original contract has been in place since the plant began commercial operation in 1996.

The fuel will be manufactured at the Westinghouse fuel fabrication facility in Columbia, South Carolina.

• Westinghouse will be OKG’s sole uranium fuel fabrication supplier to all three of its BWR units at Oskarshamn, located in Sweden. The order encompasses 12 reloads, which Westinghouse will deliver between 2005-2008.

David Powell, vice president of Westinghouse European Fuel, said: “We are very pleased that we can continue to support our domestic Swedish customer and now become the sole supplier of OKG’s uranium fuel fabrication requirements.”