Westinghouse Electric Company has formed a new organization to deal with Japanese produces and services, which it hopes will help to increase business in Asia.

The new organization will work closely with Toshiba Corporation’s nuclear energy systems & services division to maximise its support for the Japanese utilities

“Establishment of Westinghouse Electric Japan is part of our long-term growth strategy to enhance businesses in the Asian region,” says Westinghouse president and CEO Aris Candris.

He added that the move is linked to the company’s positive view of the nuclear energy market in Japan. “As demonstrated by our recent acquisition of Nuclear Fuel Industries Ltd. (NFI), Japan’s sole producer of PWR and BWR fuel, we believe strongly in the future of the Japanese nuclear energy market.”

Jack B. Allen, currently senior vice president of Westinghouse Electric Company has been appointed president and CEO of the new entity. In his 39-year career with Westinghouse, he has held a number of key management positions in the firm’s nuclear power plants and nuclear fuel businesses