Westinghouse Electric Company says it will maintain office space at its former headquarters facility in Monroeville, Pennsylvania. Approximately 60,000 square feet of office space will be leased for up to five years and will provide space for up to 450 employees who provide a variety of internal support services.

“Despite the slump in the global economy, Westinghouse’s future prospects are still quite strong,” says Tony Greco, senior vice president of human resources and corporate relations. “We’re continuing to grow so that we can meet the increased demand for electricity in the years to come, and in order to meet that demand, it’s essential that we have the necessary staffing to support our employees in the areas of information technology, accounts payable, and other services that are essential to our day-to-day operations.”

The move to maintain space in Monroeville is the latest in a number of investments Westinghouse has made to expand or renovate its facilities in Western Pennsylvania. The company’s new 960,000 square foot headquarters in Cranberry Township will be completed this summer, and building expansions and equipment upgrades were recently completed at Westinghouse facilities in Madison and Blairsville, also in Pennsylvania.

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