119/MVT electron beam welding (EBW) facility

The University of Sheffield is out to tender for the installation and commissioning of an electron beam welding (EBW) facility to support process development of the fabrication of key components at the Nuclear AMRC, Rotherham, UK. The equipment is aimed at establishing an EBW facility for joining structures for nuclear applications.

The equipment shall be capable of performing linear, circumferential and non-axi-symmetrical, deep-penetration welds on component/vessel sections, tubes, beams, plates, etc. of varying dimensions.

The equipment shall be capable of welding in both full vacuum and in reduced vacuum environments.

The system shall allow fusing components exhibiting a final size of up to 3 m in diameter and 7 m in length.

The system shall be capable of welding of steels of thickness between 3 mm and minimal 150 mm in a single run to meet ASME III division 1 class 1 standards.

Due to the large variety of component shapes and sizes, a highly flexible system is required with jig and fixturing concepts which allow the welding of longitudinal, radial and axial welding seams.

The EBW facility shall allow the welding of carbon steels, quenched & tempered alloy steels, ferritic and austenitic stainless steels (it is noteworthy that some of these steels are ferromagnetic), but possibly also nickel, zirconium and titanium-based alloys.

The document is aimed at the Supplier offering a turnkey solution that involves the procurement, installation, commissioning and performance needs necessary to meet the requirements defined by the Purchaser, which is aligned to achieving the scope of ASMEIII and ASME IX standards, and where applicable also meeting the needs of the European RCC-M code.

The EBW facility shall comprise a Turnkey solution that will encompass, but not be limited to, the following: electron beam power source, beam delivery system, chamber, vacuum pumps, exhaust system, filaments, manipulator(s), CNC software control, Fume extraction and ancillary services, Interconnections between the complete functional welding systems, Cooling system and 2 wire feeder system, applicable to both standard welding and additive layer manufacturing.

The Supplier of the welding solution will act as the systems integrator where necessary for products outside their portfolio. Such products / components required to fulfil the machine’s capability will be the responsibility of the systems integrator, with a full listing of such details being made available to the purchaser.

The tender is divided into 2 lots:

Lot 1: EBW with smaller vacuum chamber of 8x4x4 m3.

Lot 2: EBW with larger vacuum chamber of 10x5x5 m3.

Candidates may submit tenders for either one or both of the lots. A separate form of tender 1.5 (technical specification) must be submitted for each lot and tenderers should make clear to which lot the technical submission refers.


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