With the completion of the congressional review, the way is clear for the Obama administration to enact a civilian nuclear energy cooperation agreement with Russia, according to lobby group the Nuclear Energy Institute.

It said that the US government is also now free to renew another with Australia. The bilateral agreements with the two nations will open the door for new nuclear trade, research and technology transfers.

Nuclear Energy Institute President and Chief Executive Officer Marvin Fertel said:

“These agreements are important to the United States to allow for the supply of nuclear technology, fuel and services with other countries. The agreements also advance the nonproliferation goals of America and our allies.

“The agreement with Australia renews and strengthens a long-standing accord with an important partner. In Australia, the United States has long known a valuable supplier of uranium for our 104 commercial reactors. The new agreement with Russia strengthens the existing cooperation that the United States and Russia have had for years on improving nuclear safety, pursuing advanced technologies and partnering in fuel supply.

“At a time when the global marketplace for nuclear energy and technology is rapidly expanding, the negotiation of 123 agreements with those countries looking to expand their nuclear programs will create the opportunity to grow American jobs. The global growth of nuclear power has been dramatic in recent years. Such international growth must be accompanied by a commitment to nonproliferation and ensuring the responsible disposition of spent nuclear fuel. These agreements enhance cooperation with respect to nonproliferation.

“With these agreements, American nuclear technology companies and suppliers will have broader global market access.”