The BN-600 fast neutron reactor at unit 3 of Russia’s Beloyarsk NPP has been shut down for scheduled preventive maintenance refuelling, and upgrading. The main work will be the replacement of eight evaporative modules of the steam generators. The evaporation modules generate steam that powers the turbines to generate electricity. Upgrading of the modules improves the reliability of operation and supports life extension of the reactor until 2040. Each module is 16 metres long and weighs 20 tonnes.

“Before installation, the modules passed the input control, where the specialists of the nuclear power plant examined the internal cavities and made measurements of the stud hood,” said Beloyarsk NPP Director Ivan Sidorov. “This check is needed to confirm the integrity of the modules, which guarantees safe operation. After scheduled preventive maintenance, they will generate 660 tonnes of high-pressure steam every hour. This work will allow us to safely and efficiently generate electricity for the residents of the Sverdlovsk region for many years.”

Also during the outage, the employees of the Beloyarsk NPP, together with the specialists of Uralatomenergoremont, will carry out a major overhaul replacing the removable parts of the main circulation pump of the reactor, and will undertake upgrading to improve the reliability of the equipment of the chemical and turbine shops. The outage is scheduled to be completed by early November.

Image courtesy of Rosatom