Constellation Energy and Areva joint venture UniStar has entered into agreements to procure long lead materials to construct the first of a planned US Evolutionary Power Reactor (EPR) fleet.

The deal includes 44 heavy forgings for a proposed US EPR to be built by Areva. The reactor pressure vessel and steam generator forgings are expected to be finally manufactured by BWX Technologies, part of Babcock and Wilcox.

The US arm of the French nuclear technology company partnered with Constellation Energy to create UniStar for the purpose of developing at least four EPRs in North America.

Michael J. Wallace, co-chief executive officer of UniStar Nuclear, commented: “By making the early investments and entering into essential agreements necessary to procure long-lead materials for the first potential US EPR, we are building another layer of certainty into the UniStar business model by significantly reducing the possibility of delays due to potential congestion in the global nuclear supply chain.”

Of the several US companies considering the construction of new nuclear plants, Constellation Energy and Areva claim to be the first to procure the necessary raw materials.

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