Horizon Nuclear Power has completed the purchase of land is key to the development of its proposed new nuclear power station near Oldbury-on-Severn in South Gloucestershire.

The land is being purchased by Horizon Nuclear Power Oldbury Limited from the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA), under terms agreed in the 2009 land auction.

Horizon, a joint venture of Germany-based electrical utilities E.ON and RWE NPOWER, plans 6 GW of nuclear capacity at the Oldbury and Wylfa sites in the UK. Wylfa is the company’s lead site and as key milestones are reached there during 2012 more information will become available for the approach at Oldbury. Of particular interest is the company’s technology choice, AP1000 or EPR.

Meanwhile, the NDA has also released large tracts of land for development at the Berkeley site.

The land at Oldbury and Berkeley is equivalent to around 100 football pitches and can now be disposed of either by sale or for lease after the Energy Minister Lord Marland signed orders revoking the designating directions on a total of 46 hectares at the Gloucestershire sites. Each plot has already been released from the conditions of its nuclear licence, or de-licensed.

NDA Head of Programme Dr Brian Burnett said: “This is a major achievement for the NDA in terms of returning these pieces of land to the market. We are extremely proud to have reached this stage which marks the culmination of a huge amount of work by Magnox Ltd and their contractors.”

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