This market/contract is split in two lots. Each lot can be awarded separately.The Contract is to cover the studies, the procurement, the manufacture, the transport, the on-site supervision, the commissioning and possibly the erection on site of the equipment and systems which constitute the Turbine Hall of Nuclear Power Plants (EPR Design). One will be established in France (PENLY 76), two in UK (Hinkley Point – Somerset) and the others, if any, will be located in the UK.

The Turbine Hall operates with a thermal output from Nuclear Island (NI) estimated about 4 500 MW thermal.

The gross output to be provided by each unit is around 1 750 MW.

The Contracting Entity reserves the right to split this market into several invitations to tender.


Attn: Philippe Behar

37204 Tours Cedex 3


Tel. +33 218375131


Fax +33 218375151

General address of the contracting entity

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The contractor has to demonstrate its technical capabilities for the realization of a Turbine Hall, by providing a candidate’s file which shows the adequacy between the means and competences it has, and the requirements of the Contract (studies, design, manufacture, erection and commissioning of the equipment of the conventional island, European structure for maintenance).

To demonstrate its technical capabilities, the candidate can present, if any:

1/ references of less than 10 years old of experience feedback in the design and the supply of the main equipment of the turbine hall for the NPP of high power (more than 1300 MWe), in particular for the following equipment:

— steam turbine,

— generator cooled with hydrogen,

— condenser,

— moisture separator re-heaters,

— heaters LP-HP,

— condensate extraction pumps,

— feedwater tank….

The elements presented will contribute to demonstrate the capabilities that the supply of the candidate correspond to a controlled technology, profiting from a successfull experience feedback (in particular turbine), which can be extrapolated to the awaited gross output (around 1750 MWe).

Candidates are required to provide evidence of performance and availability for the reference plant.

2/ a reference of less than 10 years old, of the supervision of the erection of NPP conventional islands, with a power higher than 1300 MWe.

3/ Quality assurance: the tenderer has to control a quality management system in conformity with the ISO 9001 vs 2000 (or equivalent), for the activities concerning this contract.

4/ Environment: the tenderer has to control an environment management system in conformity with the ISO 14001 (or equivalent), for the activities concerning this contract.