Phoenix Inspection Systems has supplied a scanning system to Taiwan for testing the integrity of welds at nuclear power plants.

The MAXI-SAGE scanner has been supplied to the inspection company Taiwan Metal Quality Control (TMQC) through distributors Almatec and has already been used for testing primary circuit outlet nozzles on a reactor pressure vessel in Taiwan.

TMQC have subsequently commissioned Phoenix to supply additional modules to extend its use to the inspection of primary circuit inlet nozzles, as well as inlet and outlet nozzles on the steam generator.

The MAXI-SAGE was designed specifically to inspect the critical mixed material transition welds on the primary circuit of pressurised water reactors.

Neil Hankinson, project manager at Phoenix, said: “Phoenix’s nuclear inspection scanners have a proven track record within the industry and continue to be popular with operators around the world.

“The MAXI-SAGE scanner supplied to TMQC incorporated a number of updated features. These included reducing the weight of the scanner for ease of handling when transporting it to and from the inspection site, and quick-release systems to minimise the time operators spent within radioactive areas assembling and removing the scanner.

TMQC have qualified and undertaken one outage inspection using the MAXI-SAGE, and is planning to extend its use to other areas beyond those originally planned.

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