Characteristic Value
Thermal power, MW 350
Refueling interval, years 7 to 8
Core life, hours 50,000
Core height, mm 2200
Core diameter, mm 2420
Number of fuel assemblies in the core 85
Fuel assembly ‘across flats’ size, mm 234.8
Core power density, MW/m3 ~39
Fuel heating rate, W/cm 58.2
Fuel rod diameter x clad thickness, mm 9.1×0.68
Fuel type UO2
Uranium inventory, t 23.3
Average uranium enrichment, % 4.7
Average burnup of discharged fuel, (MWd/kgU)
* Average in fuel assembly 31.3
* Maximum in fuel assembly 41.6
Specific consumption of U235, g/MWd 1.5
Absorber element diameter x clad thickness, mm 8.6×0.6