Table 2: Advanced Reactor Designs
Design Supplier Features
ABWR GE 1,350 MWe BWR, design certified by NRC and built and operating in Japan
SWR 1000 Framatome ANP 1,013 MWe BWR, being designed to meet European requirements
ESBWR GE 1,380 MWe passively safe BWR, under development
AP600 Westinghouse 610 MWe passively safe PWR, design certified by NRC
AP1000 Westinghouse 1,090 MWe PWR with passive safety features Higher capacity version of AP-600, not yet certified
IRIS Westinghouse 100-300 MWe integral primary system PWR, under development
PBMR ESKOM 110 MWe modular direct cycle helium-cooled pebble bed reactor, currently planned for construction in South Africa.
GT-MHR General Atomics 288 MWe modular direct cycle helium-cooled reactor, being licensed for construction in Russia.
Source: Office of Nuclear Energy, Science and Technology, Nuclear Energy Research Advisory Committee Subcommittee on Generation IV Technology Planning, A Roadmap to Deploy New Nuclear Power Plants in the United States by 2010, Volume I: Summary Report, October 31, 2001, p. v.