Oskarshamn nuclear power plant in Sweden is to have its life extended and output increased by 20% in a programme that will see its steam turbine replaced by Alstom.

The €180 million contract with OKG Aktiebolag, owned by energy companies E.ON and Fortum, will see Alstom supply steam turbine and generator equipment including new internal parts for the modernisation of the turbine/generator at unit 3 of the three-unit plant. The turbine/generator set contains one high-pressure steam turbine, three low-pressure steam turbines and one generator.

In addition, Alstom will replace moisture separator reheaters, high-pressure heat exchangers, three single-phase main transformers, main steam valves and other balance of plant equipment, as well as carrying out dismantling, installation, commissioning and testing of the modernised plant.

Westinghouse is also to provide components and systems for the power upgrade of unit 3 in a related contract. The three-year project, due to complete in mid-2008, will see Westinghouse design, manufacture, install and commission reactor internals, main recirculation pumps, steam valves and cooling systems, as well as electrical and control equipment for the process systems. Some installation work will start in summer 2007, but the main modifications to the plant will be performed during August and September 2008.

Following the upgrade of the reactors and the retrofitted turbine and generator equipment, the rated electrical power output at the BWR will increase from the current 1200MWe to more than 1450MWe and the project will extend the lifetime of the plant by more than 35 years.

The main installation work will be performed during a planned outage in 2008.