Indonesia’s National Nuclear Energy Agency (BATAN) says that 58% of people polled support the construction of a nuclear power plant in the region on the grounds that it can improve the stability of the region’s energy supply.

The University of Indonesia conducted the survey during May and June 2010. Some 3000 people were polled in 22 areas of Java-Bali. Only a quarter of respondents were against a civil nuclear programme, with 18% undecided.

The highest level of support came from NGOs (76%), members of Parliament (74%) and government officials (70.5%).

Three sites are currently being considered for an Indonesian nuclear plant: Muria (central Java), Banten (west Java) and Bangka Island (off southern Sumatra).

In June, the Nuclear Energy Control Board of Indonesia (BAPETEN) said that if a nuclear power plant is to be built in Indonesia it must be of proven technology, with at least three years of operational experience.

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