Engineering surveys at the Akkuyu nuclear power plant site on Turkey’s southern Mediterranean coast are due to be completed in 2012, Russia’s Atomenergoproekt has announced.

Four 1200 MWe VVER-1200s are planned for the Akkuyu site, under a 2010 agreement between the governments of Russia and Turkey.

Atomenergoproekt expects to produce design documentation this year, based on survey data that has been collected since work began in 2011.

Topographic plotting has been conducted at the Akkuyu site since February 2012, and is due to continue until late August, Atomenergoproekt said. This work will result in the topographical basis reflecting natural features of the locality and conditions of structures and engineering utilities.

“Our specialists have already collected, processed and prepared for the further use a substantial volume of information on Akkuyu site. The engineering survey materials will serve as the basis for getting a license for construction of the first nuclear power plant in Turkey,” said Ilya Kopytov, first deputy director general and director for engineering at Atomenergoproekt.

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