Sellafield Ltd has selected Morgan Sindall and Arup in joint venture as its preferred delivery partner for a potential £1.1 billion contract to provide a range of essential infrastructure asset services to the Sellafield site.

The contract with Morgan Sindall and Arup, expected to be signed in 2012, will run for an initial five year period but could be extended for a further ten years.

Working in close partnership with Sellafield Ltd, the organisations will deliver a programme management and project delivery service for all infrastructure assets, primarily targeted at utility assets such as:

• Steam generation and on-site distribution;

• Electricity generation and on-site distribution;

• Water supply to site and on-site distribution;

• Compressed air generation and distribution;

• Bulk chemical storage and distribution;

• Civil infrastructure supporting pipes and cables;

• Drainage network and sewerage treatment plant;

• Roads, bridges and car parks;

• General building facilities such as canteens and laundry.

However, the scope of work will also include non-utility assets such as:

• Analytical services facilities;

• Transport systems including road and rail;

• Flask maintenance plant;

• and Emergency Management Systems.

The ISA is the second in a series of long-term contracts that will be let by Sellafield Ltd under a new acquisition strategy introduced by parent body Nuclear Management Partners. The expectation is that by working collaboratively with major partners, Sellafield Ltd will be able to deliver greater quality more efficiently – while assuring industry leading safety performance.

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