The Department of Energy, Savannah River Operations Office (DOE-SR), has obligated $387,600,000 million dollars (30% of the authorized obligation) provided under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act on its existing management and operating contract with Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, LLC contract No. DE-AC09-08SR22470.

This funding was awarded under contract Modification A024 and will result in an acceleration of cleanup work specified within the current scope of the basic contract. The remaining authorized obligation 70% with be obligated under another contract modification.

Contract Modification A024 obligated funds for Soil and Water Remediation, Deactivation and Decommissioning, Solid Waste Management, and modification of associated impacted site systems (e.g. removal of steam lines and rerouting of electrical systems)

All work under the Recovery Act contract modification is within the basic scope of Contract DE-AC09-08SR22470. The work was planned as current (FY09) and out year requirements (contract year 2 and beyond), but through the award of the Recovery Act funds, the out year work will be accelerated to commence in FY09 (contract year 1); thereby meeting the intent of the Recovery Act to stimulate economic growth while also allowing DOE-SR to meet its strategic goals of reducing the environmental management ` footprint and making federal land at Savannah River Site available for other missions.

Accelerating the work is projected to create approximately 3,000 jobs for the skilled workforce available in the surrounding area.

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