Design, study, delivery, design, qualification and assembly of eight ventilation valves of the Doel1 and 2 reactor building (0150-P.000954/1)

LOT NO: 1 TITLE Fabrication and provision of 8 ventilation valves with driving unit

Delivery includes:

— Design, study, fabrication, transport, packaging and acceptance by a Belgian control commission of eight butterfly valves, classified according to ASME III code, safety class 3,

— Testing of the raw materials (mechanical and chemical),

— Full documentation reports with respect to design, studies, material and testing.

These valves are part of the ventilation system of the Doel1 and Doel2 reactor buildings. They fulfill a crucial safety function because they have to contain a possible radioactive contamination within the containment building.

LOT NO: 2 TITLE On-Site installation of the ventilation valves into the Doel 1 and Doel 2 reactor buildings


Installation includes:

— Disassembly and removal of the currently installed ventilation valves,

— Design and fabrication of the necessary equipment needed for (dis-)mounting these components,

— Mounting of the newly fabricated ventilation valves into the reactor building/TUR.


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