Source: Rosatom, August 2012 and WNA, 'Nuclear Power in Russia' Abbreviations: SpAEP–Atomenergoproekt, Saint Petersburg Research and Design Institute (1929-2012) MAEP–Atomenergoproekt, Research, Design and Exploration Institute, Moscow (1982-2012) NIAEP–Atomenergoproekt, Nizhny Novgorod Engineering Company (1951-present)

Status ?Project Country Reactor type Project type Planned start-up date Designer Constructor Project management lead Project status as of August 2012
Under construction Kudankulam 1&2 India VVER-1000 NPP-92 2012 MAEP ASE ASE management contract Second equipment inspection
Under construction Novovoronezh II 1&2 Russia VVER-1200 V-392M 2014, 2015 MAEP MAEP NIAEP-Moscow branch U1 reactor building dome installed
Under construction Rostov 3&4 Russia VVER-1000 V-320 2014, 2017 NIAEP NIAEP NIAEP project management Unit 3 containment lower dome, and second steam generator, supplied
Under construction Leningrad II 1-4 Russia VVER-1200 V-491 2015, 2016, 2018, 2020 SPbAEP SPbAEP U1 inner containment concrete pouring begun; U2 cooling tower construction started
Under construction Baltic NPP 1&2 Russia VVER-1200 NPP-2006 2016, 2018 SPbAEP NIAEP NIAEP-St. Petersburg branch Active construction of U1 nuclear island; excavation of U2 foundation pit
Under construction Tianwan 3&4 China VVER-1000 NPP-91 2018 SPbAEP ASE NIAEP-Moscow branch Development of work documentation
Under construction Belarus 1&2 Belarus VVER-1200 NPP-2006 2018, 2020 SPbAEP ASE NIAEP-St. Petersburg branch Development of project documentation
Under construction Akkuyu 1-4 Turkey VVER-1200 NPP-2006 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023 MAEP ASE NIAEP-Moscow branch Processing of engineering studies; negotiations for Russian-Turkish power distribution scheme/electricity sales organisations
Under construction Khmelnitsky 3&4 Ukraine TBD NPP-92 TBD MAEP NIAEP-ASE Approval of contract for 3&4 technical design
Under construction Ninh Thuan 1&2 Vietnam TBD NPP-91 TBD SPbAEP ASE NIAEP-Moscow branch Preparation for bilateral consultations to determine basic project parameters
Planned Nizhny Novgorod 1&2 Russia VVER-1200 NPP-2006 NIAEP NIAEP NIAEP project management
Planned Kudankulam 3&4 India VVER-1200 NPP-92 MAEP NIAEP-ASE NIAEP-Moscow branch
Planned Temelin 3&4 Czech Republic VVER-1200 NPP-2006 SPbAEP NIAEP-ASE In tender competition; one of competitors (AREVA) disqualified in Oct. 2012
Planned Armenia 2 Armenia VVER-1000 Discussions on project financing
Planned Rooppur 1&2 Bangladesh TBD Loan agreement preparation; design and survey works begun