The administration of the Dubovsky district in the Rostov region has refused to give land for the construction of repositories to bury nuclear waste from the Rostov plant. Three disposal facilities for expended nuclear fuel, including production and toxic waste, liquid and solid non-radioactive waste, as well as liquid and solid radioactive waste, were to be constructed in 2002.

The refusal was made known at a meeting of the permanent commission responsible for building the repositories and the maintenance of the Rostov plant. This commission was formed by the Rostov regional legislative assembly. The administration said the refusal is due to insufficient financing for the district from the atomic energy ministry (Minatom). The ministry transferred only R7.1m ($240,000) for the development of the social sector of the Dubovsky region instead of the R33.2 million ($1.14 million) provided for in an agreement between the regional administration and the ministry.