The first foreign marketing office of Russian state-owned nuclear operator and developer Rosatom has been set up in Ukraine. The responsibilities of the Kiev-registered RuSat Overseas will include the development of cooperation with authorities and enterprises in Ukraine in nuclear sphere as already implemented and new projects, represent the interests of the enterprises of the Russian nuclear industry in Ukraine, as well as the involvement of Ukrainian companies in the global network of suppliers, SC for projects in Ukraine, Russia, and third-party countries. In addition, the office will make proposals for the establishment of joint ventures and acquisitions in the country.

It also acts as the client, investor and owner of foreign projects developed on ‘build-own-operate’ structure.

In the years 2012-2014 it plans to open 18 marketing offices around the world.

“Ukraine [is] our largest partner in the nuclear field; our manufacturing base and research are inextricably linked. It is no accident that the first marketing office opens global network of [Rosatom] right here. I am confident that this event will not only strengthen our cooperation through the promotion of innovative, safe and effective Russian technology, but also allow Ukrainian industry development through participation in nuclear power projects in Russia “, said director Alexander Merten.

The president of the organisation is Alexei Kalinin.

In other news, it announced that it has become a member of the national professional nuclear associations of Brazil (Brazilian Association for the Development of Nuclear Activities) and the RSA (Nuclear Industry Association of South Africa).