Atomenergoproekt, prime contractor for the construction of the second phase of the Novovoronezh NPP, has announced that the metal structure of the inner containment building at unit 1 has been completed. Earlier this month Rosatom announced that the first ring of the reactor dome had been installed by crane.


Credit: Atomenergoproekt

installation of the first reactor containment dome at Novovoronezh II

The completion of this work gives rise to the start of installation of critical reactor equipment, including the reactor pressure vessel, steam generators, and main circulation pipeline, the Atomenergoproekt said, suggesting that welding activities could begin within a month.

Rosatom is building two AES-2006 VVER-1200 pressurized water reactors at the Novovoronezh site in western Russia. Construction began at unit 1 in June 2008 and the reactor is expected to begin operation in 2014.

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