The supply of proprietary single-use, one-piece air-fed suits of welded plastic film; suitable, compatible, protective oversuits and ancillary equipment to enable safe use by persons engaged in nuclear decommissioning activities in atmospheres with airborne radioactive contamination.


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Supply of single use, one-piece air-fed suits and suitable compatible oversuits, all of welded plastic film construction to be worn by personnel engaged in nuclear decommissioning working in air atmospheres potentially contaminated with airborne radioactive particulate. All air-fed suits have HEPA filtered emergency breathing facilities.

Air-fed suits are required to accommodate the following working conditions, the particular air-fed suit set-up determined by the degree of arduous nature of the work to be undertaken and the nature of anticipated radioactive contamination:

— Wearer free breathing within suit with air supplied from a 3 Bar breathing air supply,

— Wearer using air-fed respirator or air-hood within suit with air from a 5,5 Bar breathing air supply,

— Wearer using air-fed respirator or air-hood within suit and forced cooling air distribution to extremities with air from a 5,5 Bar breathing air supply.

Oversuits of welded plastic film for single use and compatible with the air-fed suits (above) are worn as a means of contamination control but providing some abrasion protection to the air-fed suits. Oversuits are not worn with all air-fed suit wearings.

Other ancillary equipment as required particular to the selected air-fed suits including, but not limited to, safety headwear, in-suit air distribution equipment etc. This ancillary equipment specified by the tenderers to satisfy their products safe operation and this information is required to enable the products to be compared.

Excluding VAT

Range between 1 750 000,00 and 2 500 000,00 GBP