A precision guided Trailer Unit for transferring heavy loads is required by Dounreay Site Restoration Limited (DSRL) as part of its decommissioning programme.

The Trailer Unit is to be moved around the general site by a (separate) conventional diesel powered tractor unit (optional part of this supply). The Trailer unit will require the ability to enter a number of Dounreay facilities under its own motive power (non-diesel) having been uncoupled from the tractor unit. The de-coupled trailer unit will be operated remotely and will require a high degree of manoeuvrability (+/- 10 mm) during facility entrance / load docking etc. The load to be transported is approximately 12,5 cubic metres (2,4 m x 2,4 m in plan) and weighs up to 70 tonnes. The scope of supply is for the development of a detailed design with the option to supply the equipment following successful design approvals.

Contact: Dounreay Site Restoration Limited, D2003, Dounreay, Thurso, Caithness, Contact: Contract Officer, Attn: Leisa Swanson, UK-Thurso KW14 7TZ. Tel. +44 1847806458. E-mail: nbcd@dounreay.com. Fax +44 1847803785.