RSRL has a requirement for a suitably qualified and experienced consultant to manage, configure and develop Programme Controls Systems. The Consultant is also required to provide support to RSRL staff on the Programme Controls System.

RSRL’s Programme Controls System is based around a number of linked software applications, both off-the-shelf and bespoke. The off-the-shelf applications address earned value management, programme planning, estimating and risk analysis. The bespoke packages utilise SQL server databases and web interfaces.

The objective of RSRLs Programme Controls System is to support lifetime plan and monthly data submissions to RSRLs client (NDA). It is also required to support the change control process, the incorporation of contingency into the baseline, the end-of-year transfer of data. The system must accord with RSRL and NDA requirements and best practise. The Programme Controls Team is also required to provide guidance on system developments and day-to-day system improvements, support ad hoc exporting/importing of data, and provide Monday-Friday access to a helpdesk.


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Contact: Contracts Management

Attn: Rachael Langton

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Tel. +44 1305202107


Fax +44 1305203099

Value: Excluding VAT 200 000 per annum GBP


description of these options: An option for RSRL to extend the duration of the contract from 5 years up to a further 2 years. Such extension(s) to be entirely at the discretion of RSRL and in such periods as determined by RSRL, provided the total duration does not exceed 7 years.

provisional timetable for recourse to these options: in months: 48 (from the award of the contract)

Number of possible renewals Range: between 0 and 4

in the case of renewable supplies or service contracts, estimated timeframe for subsequent contracts: in months: 60 (from the award of the contract)