A technical and economical review of Paks has concluded “there is no technical barrier or safety limit that may restrict the operation of the Paks nuclear power plant for up to 50 years.” The economic study found that Paks had the lowest generation costs of any Hungarian power plant. Last year, electricity from Paks was sold at about 6.32 forints per kWh (about 2.21cents/kWh), approximately half the price of other domestic power stations.

Comparing the cost of extending the lifetime of Paks against the cost of a new gas fired plant, the study found that the gas plant alternative could only compete if the electricity sales real-price level were to stay below 4.52 forints per kWh (1.58c/kWh) throughout the extended operating period.

Partial deregulation of the country’s energy sector is due to take place on 1 January, 2003.
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