An alliance of energy companies is looking to build a new EPR at the US Department of Energy’s site in Piketon, Ohio.

Southern Ohio Clean Energy Park Alliance, which comprises Duke Energy, Areva, Usec, Unistar Nuclear Energy and the Southern Ohio Diversification Initiative (SODI), has applied for DoE funding for the inital phase of the project. This will include siting studies, the preparation of an Early Site Permit application and a review of site decommissioning plans.

The consortium members will all have different roles in the project.

Duke Energy will manage the project, provide project oversight and serve as the applicant for any NRC licensing applications.

Areva will be coordinating the technical analyses needed to prepare the plant construction permit and licensing application which will be examined by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

Unistar will be involved in the pre-certification process of the EPR and has also expressed interest in having a stake in the future nuclear power plant.

DOE’s Portsmouth site is located on a 3700 acre reservation in Pike County, Ohio. It is the site of Usec’s former Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant and will be the location of its American Centrifuge Plant, now under construction.

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