The Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC) says it wants to build new nuclear power plants at its current sites – Chashma in Punjab (where a China-supplied reactor is in operation) and Karachi in Sindh (site of Pakistan’s Canadian-supplied PHWR). According to the official Associated Press of Pakistan (APP) news agency, PAEC chairman Parvez Butt said: “The projects are under consideration for formal approval with the government, and construction activity will commence in the near future.” Butt said that the projects, named Kanupp-2 (Karachi) and Chasnupp -2 (Chashma) would have capacities of 600MWe and 300MWe, respectively.

He added that the new tariff of 2.25 rupees per kWh will enable PAEC to cover its operating and construction costs and return the government investment with profit over the medium term. The tariff was previously set at 1.75 rupees per kWh.