Ongoing HTR-related research projects in Euratom FP5
    Coordinator Number of Duration EC funding
Acronym Subject of research (country) partners (months) (million euro)

HTR-F HTR fuel technology CEA (F) 7 48* 1.7
HTR-F1 0.8        
HTR-N HTR reactor physics and fuel cycle FZJ (D) 14 54** 1.0
HTR-N1 0.55        
HTR-M HTR materials NNC (UK) 8 54*** 1.1
HTR-M1 0.7        
HTR-E Innovative components and systems in direct cycles of HTRs Framatome ANP (F) 14 48 1.9
HTR-L HTRs licensing safety approach and main licensing issues Tractebel (B) 8 36 0.5
HTR-C HTR programme coordination Framatome ANP (F) 6 48 0.2
*Duration of combined projects HTR-F and HTR-F1 **Duration of combined projects HTR-N and HTR-N1
*** Duration of combined projects HTR-M and HTR-M1