NUKEM has been awarded separate contracts at Callaway, Grand Gulf and Donald C Cook.

The company will provide the Callaway plant with its ALCON (advanced liquid waste concentration) technology that removes almost all the suspended solids with its ultra-filtration membrane system. The solids collection system then collects the removed solids and contains them in a high integrity container (NUHIC).

An approved dewatering procedure prepares the NUHIC for disposal in less than eight hours.

At the Donald C Cook plant, NUKEM cleaned and desludged six large volume waste hold-up tanks using their HyFrac system, a remote high flow, water hydraulic desludging system that mates and seals directly onto the tank opening.

The same system will be used at the Grand Gulf plant in a tank-cleaning project. In this project the company’s underwater robotic cleaning unit will be used to break up sediment and sludge material with high-pressure spray jets. The waste material is then vacuumed from the tank bottom into a NUHIC.