The AF ISR Agency issues this sources sought synopsis for information and planning purposes in support of the acquisition of environmental and particle analysis services. The services to be acquired are primarily concerned with separation, manipulation, analysis, and identification of micron particulate matter for the purpose of nuclear test ban treaty verification.

Definition of some terms: sample = physical object requiring processing to isolate particles of interest for analysis; particle = singular microscopic item of interest requiring analysis for elemental, morphological, and isotopic information. Sample analysis requires the ability to: (a) process and analyze samples provided by the government; (b) process and analyze 6,000 particles per year from as many as 300 samples per year; (c) perform thermal ion mass spectrometry analysis of 6,000 particles per year; (d) perform secondary ion mass spectroscopy isotopic and elemental analysis on 50 samples per year; (e) maintain all processing areas and microscope clean rooms in accordance with the current General Services Administration standards for clean room and workstation requirements; (f) maintain class 100 clean room techniques sufficient to ensure no cross-contamination between samples; (g) describe and characterize sample particle isotopics, morphologies, and elemental compositions using all available analytical techniques; and (h) maintain the capability to perform isotopic and elemental analyses via scanning techniques such as microscope, electron microprobe, or ion beam; and (i) provide stoichiometry information on selected particles. Other requirements include: (a) in the event the Government elects to procure environmental and particle analysis services, prospective sources must possess, or show the capability to obtain, a US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Radioactive Materials License (or an agreement state license/permit, as applicable for the facility where work will be performed), prior to performance start; (b) offerors shall be responsible for providing a suitable site for performance of the contract requirements. Unique mission essential analysis equipment will be provided, with ownership retained by the government. Due to the potential of contaminating mission samples, analysis equipment and areas of any facility used for environmental and particle analysis services shall not be used for activities other than this contract without the expressed written permission of the government program office and shall be isolated from other facilities doing nuclear work; and (c) prospective sources would be required to have DOD security clearances of at least the SECRET level. Participation in this potential effort would require both a facilities and storage capability of at least the SECRET level. Prospective sources would be required to support secure communication capabilities at the SECRET level. No information related to this acquisition or resulting contract is releasable to foreign nationals. A cost-plus-fixed-fee contract is contemplated with a one-year basic contract period and four 1-year options. The applicable North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code and size standard are 541380/$12.0 million. No technical or solicitation documents exist at this time. Interested offerors having the required specialized capabilities to meet the above requirements should submit a capability statement of 10 pages or less indicating their ability to perform all aspects of the effort described herein.

Firms must respond electronically to Ms Lois. Brockson at

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Lois E Brockson,

Contracting Officer

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